To give you plenty of options for the perfect special occasion outfit, a selection of LA VEE couture hats are available for hire!

To find out more about this service, please get in touch. 


Let LA VEE take you to a wild enchanted garden and show you the wondrous plants there are to see.

Immerse yourself in the magic with this orchid from another realm delicately climbing up from a blooming water lily.

This small button hat is 15cm wide and is secured with a comb and elastic.
The LOTUS is available for €420.

LITTLE NUMBER ︎︎new︎︎

A perfect little black pillbox hat with a simple veil cloud. A versatile must-have.

This timeless LA VEE creation with a width of 12cm is made from soft fur felt and dotted veil and is mounted on a slim hairband.
The LITTLE NUMBER costs €180.


An elegant yet abstract take on a classic pillbox with large bow.

Made from beautiful fur felt the BUOYANCE is a timeless piece suitable for many styles and occasions. 

This small LA VEE pillbox hat is 12cm wide and is secured with a comb and elastic.
The BUOYANCE is available in a variety of shades to suit your preference for €310.


Sweet like candyfloss, this fun occasion hat will instantly set the mood for a great party.

The mini button base made from smooth fur felt features a giant sparkling puff made from holographic ribbon. It is secured with an elastic. The base is 11cm wide.

An alternative colour combination is available with cream fur felt and pink holographic ribbon.
CANDICE can be yours for €185.