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This is LA VEE.

Emphasize your individuality, dare to be special! Entirely handcrafted from beautiful materials, your LA VEE hat will be your trusted companion for many years to come.

The story

When I was twelve I wanted to become an interior designer. So as the opportunity arose at school, I took up an apprenticeship as a cabinet maker. However, even though I loved being creative and making something of my own hands, I later decided to study Marketing and Sociology. So for many years I had desk jobs with titles such as Product Manager, Online Marketing Manager and even Finance Manager.

Something was always missing though, I just didn’t realise what it was yet. Until one day the craft of millinery suddenly popped into my head. No clue where the idea had come from, no hat had been involved. But as the thought persisted, I eventually booked an introductory course in millinery at London College of Fashion. From the very moment the course began I was in my element. Making hats was something I loved to do, something I could excel at. That was in the summer of 2017. Since then I have been developing my skills, my style and the LA VEE brand.

Along the way I was also given some amazing opportunities for which I am very grateful!

London milliner Jess Collette allowed me to learn from her and gain insights into her success over the course of two intense weeks. She is a very experienced milliner who has made hats for the Duchess of York and Pippa Middleton among many others.

Then in the summer of 2019, Munich’s „Kompetenzteam Kultur- und Kreativwirtschaft“, an interdisciplinary division of the department of Culture, gave me the opportunity for a pop-up window display in the centre of Munich. This enabled my first public appearance with the LA VEE label and was a great starting point to move things forward.

And finally in 2020, LA VEE found a permanent home at Rumfordstr. 38, not far from the famous Viktualienmarkt, a dynamic studio space with a shop front shared with an eclectic mix of creative minds from photography to fashion to accessories and more.

A project like this can also only take shape thanks to the generous help of talented friends. Tarek Mantaoglou who is always at the ready when I need some special photos. Jörg Solzbacher who developed my logo (with a little input from Sarah von Weitershausen). Angelika Ziebart who kindly helps me with print materials whenever something is needed. Nataša Jeftić and Ahn Thu Pham who worked incredibly hard to create an awesome design for my first pop-up window display.

I feel so lucky! Thank you my friends ︎

Virginie Pässler

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